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Fiwasports is an online international football magazine which began operations on the 6th day of March 2019 with the aim of bringing individuals across the world closer to the game of football and creating an interest for the game in the minds of men and women around the world. With the slogan “where the game lives” we try to create a home for football where people can visit and  become more passionate about  the game. We do this to take the minds of people off the worries and stress our daily activities comes with, relax themselves and find leisure in it.

We hope to achieve this  by being the eyes of our viewers and giving them in depth analysis of football matches, team news, transfer updates of teams across the world. We give reports of various matches which took place across the globe and write on the endless list of “could have’s” and “would have’s” of the game, football. We also offer lots of free tutorials on the game for young upcoming players and those who would like to go pro with the game. In our tutorial section we take individuals from a novice to a pro in the game and also help current players to improve on their game.

  we hope you enjoy your stay as you go through our articles and enjoy!!!

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