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Can Liverpool be stopped? Maybe, Another Invincibles

By Armani

        The reds have picked up all three points this  season only failing to do so at Old Trafford. The big question is if they can go all the way to lift the trophy unbeating.

         The invincible has only been achieved by Arsenal in the 2003/2004 season, but the reds look more solid and compact. Wednesdays's Game against Everton  was a derby that everyone thought was a hard test but they quickly dispatched there next door neighbors in a seven goal thriller.

 The win wasn't much of a surprise since Everton has had a poor start to the season, but then the ability of some other players  to turn up and deliver even when the top players fail is something to take note of. This  truly looks likely to be there season since  they haven't won the league in the primer league  era.

      What an achievement it will be for there coach who has come out to say that he doesn't buy stars rather he makes them. Most of the players he brought to Anfiled were barely average players but he has now turned them to world class players.

       The Season seems to be over already, but what remains unclear is if they would be able to go the whole season unbeating, breaking Arsenals reord in England and Juventus record in Italy.

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