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Most Horrific Injuries In Football

The highlights through out yesterday was that tackle from son heung min and  Aurier tackle on Andres Gomes which left the Everton Midfielder with a horrible injury and a broken ankle. Its among the worst we've seen so far in this beautiful game. And looking back, the tackle wasn't worth it. Even the equalizing goal later on for Everton was not worth it, if it could bring back Andre Gomes, said Tosun after the game
In this Article We take a look at some of the worst fractures and injuries sustained by players over the years.

Most Horrific Injuries In Football

Semus Coleman

Seamus coleman while on international duty with Ireland in a world cup qualifying match against Wales in 2017 broke his leg and  fractured his tibia and fibula after being on the receiving end of a hard tackle from Neil Taylor.
He was ruled out for 6 months and after the rehab he missed the world cup and rejoined Everton. 

Henrik Larsson

Some met him at Barcelona, others at Celtic. Known very well for his free kick prowess and accuracy. But earlier in his career while playing for Celtic, He broke his leg in a champions league tie against Lyon in 1999. They later lost the match, but  the Striker had a Double fracture while trying to tackle Serge Blanc..
There was no complications in the injury, but he had to miss 7 months of action.

Djibril Cisse

He's one of the players that has played almost in all the Europe's top 5 leagues. But at his prime, Djibril Cisse broke his leg twice in his career.

The First came during Liverpools clash with Blackburn back then in 2004. A challenge from both himself and McEveley lead to him fracturing his leg.

Also during France world cup friendly against China in the 2006 world cup. This made him miss the world cup and also withheld his tranfer to French side Marseille
In two of the occasions he was out for 7 months.

Alan Smith

In the 2006 Fa cup, when the two most successful English teams met, Manchester United and Liverpool, Alan Smith had a broken leg and a dislocated ankle in the game.
After going under the knife and undergoing rehabilitation, miraculously, after seven months, he was back in the game.


Abou Diaby

A man of great potentials frequently plagued by Injuries. People would easily conclude that he's Injury prone and not fit for the game. But that's not true
Earlier in his career the french man ruptured his ligaments and fractured his ankled in a games against Sunderland.
8 months after, he was back to the game, but his career never remained the same. He frequently picked up Injuries in quick sucessions which limited his playing time. Most of the Injuries he had was tied to the one he got, that day, in 2006.

Eduardo Da Silva

Arsenal were cruising, with Edurado da silva being their trigger and marksman that season. They were  tipped to win the league,well until Edurado Happened.
 It was Arsenal vs Birmingham in 2008 when Martin Taylor delivered that deadly tackle to end Eduardo's season.
Initially, the tackle affected his left Fibiaula, but futher complications lead to him having an open dislocation in his left ankle.
A year later, he returned to the pitch, but what we saw was not the Edurado we used to know

Aaron Ramsey

Of the list we made here Aaron Ramsey's case is peculiar. Given the fact he's the only person who recovered from a career threatening injury and still reached his peak.
The Arsenal midfielder broke his leg when he came off second best in a challenge with Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross in 2010.
He spent nine months on the sidelines recovering from the injury before returning to the Gunners squad. He was just 19 when he was injured.

Luke Shaw

At some point we thought he would never play again after he suffered a double leg break in a champions league game against PSV in 2015.
He was out for close to a year, and made his return in a friendly game against wigan.
The injury lies now in the past as many have forgotten about it. And hes now being seen as an important figure in the current Manchester United team.

Ederson Moares

On September 2017, in a game between Mancity and Liverpool, Ederson Moares suffered a facial injury, after the high boot of Sadio Mane caught the Brazilian on his face.
He was stretched of and Mane was given a red card and 3 games ban. The injury wasn't as serious as we thought at first and he made his comeback to football before the New year

Mohamed Salah

It was the 
Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in 2018. A challenge from Sergio Ramos on Salah in the first half of the game ended his evening and putted him at a risk of missing the world cup.

Ramos didn't receive a red card and Liverpool later lost the game. It was said that Salah dislocated his shoulder. He traveled with Egypt to the world cup and was able to recover in due time to play their last group game

Of all the football injuries, Leg breaks are usually the most complicated and are at the risk of developing more problems down the line. for any player to survive it and still have the courage to play, he's a real hero.

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