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Top 6 Coaches That Can Replace Emery At Arsenal

He would be out for sure, sooner or later, but the question is ‘When would that be? January or summer. Whichever is the case, Arsenal fans has had enough and they want the one whom they once admired to leave the way he came. It’s Emery out, now or never.

Who would seceded him and return this team back to Glory? The answer to the question is unknown but in this article I would be talking about  top 6 people who could replace Emery

Possible Coaches To Replace Emery

1)Freddie Ljungberg

He seems to be on the lips of Arsenal fans lately. Being one of the assistants of Unai Emery and very actively involved in the team, some people are of the opinion that he wouldn’t do bad as a coach should he be given the opportunity.
 Though he has no coaching Experience, apart from coachin the Arsenal u-23 side and being an Assitant Coach to Andries Jonker at Wolfsburg, He could salvage something from Arsenal’s dying season. It’s just 12 games played in the EPL and 26 more to go, still very much time to make a change. Would we have another Ole Gunnar or a zidene in Ljungberg??

2)Jose Mourinho

Seeing the special one in Arsenal’s dugout seems unimaginable. A team he has terrorized and heavily criticized in the past. But he’s been Free, after being relieved of his duties by Manchester united. He has also made his intentions of coming back to coaching and win more Titles known to the public. So its just a matter of were would he go??

He holds the record of winning at least one trophy In any team he has coached, and with Arsenal being in a trophy drought for 3 years now. He would stable things up a bit

3)Brendan Rodgers

Who could have believed that Leicester city would sit in the top 4 again in the premier league, after that miraculous triumph in 2016. They were called a season wonder. But here is a man who took charge of the club and has brought them among the big guys in the league this season.

He finished the 16/17 season with Celtic undefeated in all domestic matches, winning the treble, a feat not strange to Arsenal fans. A man of his caliber might fit in perfectly at Arsenal, having used low budget teams to achieve much. He’s still at Leicester and with the season just in its early stages, if Emery is to be sacked now, it would be too quick to a[appoint him. But should arsenal choose to endure till the summer, he could be on his way in.

4)Mikel Arteta

It all boiled down to Mikel Arteta and Unai Emery last year when the decision of who would replace wenger was being made. Arsenal opted for the later, and the Arteta went back to city. Probably because of more experience in winng games and titles.

But as things paned out, taking a risk and a gamble with an unexperienced coach wouldn’t be bad, seeing how their wisdom in getting an experienced man has failed them.
Arteta played for arsenal between 2011 and 2016, after which he called his time and joined Pep at city. He would be a familiar figure to the fans and some players left from his side. One of their own, he could follow the path of lampard to move arsenal to the next level.

5)Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri who is yet to take a job after leaving Juventus in the summer. The former Ac millan coach has been linked  linked with Real Madrid and a return to his former club, AC Milan recently but Arsenal should be able to convince him to join them because of their financial strength and the allure of the Premier League.

The Italian won 13 trophies with both Juventus and AC Milan combined and will bring a much needed winning mentality to Arsenal. At Juventus, he had an impressive 70.48 winning percentage!


In February 2016, he became the youngest manager in Bundesliga history. He lived above expectation by helping Hoffenheim to avoid relegation. He made his mark further when surprisingly he took Hoffenhiem to the champions league the following season. Just 32, young and with his own technical way of training his players, should he become Arsenal’s next manger, they would certainly make some progress.  He’s been in charge of RB Leipzig who sits 3rd currently in the table, 4 points behind league leaders, Monchenglabach.

The German has been a great admirer of attacking football and Arsen wenger. "I like to attack the opponents near their own goal because your own path to the goal is not as long if you get the ball higher up," he said. "I like the way Villarreal play and they have a great way of coaching young players. I also like Barcelona and Arsenal as well as the work of Arsene Wenger."

It could be a dream come true for him to be in the Premier league and to manage a team like Arsenal. He loves challenges, and when the challenge to take Arsenal higher comes, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see him go for it.

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