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Cristiano Ronaldo Marries Girlfriend, Georgina In Morocco

Rumours going Round Italy suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo have gotten married to Georgina in Morocco

'Novella 2000' an Italian celebrity magazine state that there has been a secret wedding between the star and his girlfriend.

According to Novella 2000, Former Real Madrid and Manchester united player, Ronaldo, has seemingly wedded his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez behind closed doors in Morocco, shielded away from Journalist.

There have been rumors about the two getting married since August this year after the Model and Influencer, Rodriguez, posted a picture on Instagram regarding Ronaldo as her husband.
The speculations could be correct if we are to go by what the Italian magazine said, that  Ronald's friend, Badr Hari arranged the event.

None of those close to the player has revealed anything about this, they have neither confirmed or denied the speculation.
According to the magazine, the Portuguese has also changed his will to include his now-wife, the person close to the couple told 'Novella 2000'.

Novella 2000 is an Italian weekly  celebrity amd women magazine. It is published in Millan, Italy. It is among the oldest magazines in the country according to Wikipedia.

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