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How to start a professional football career[Full Guide]

A lot of young people out there sit down and watch the top footballers around the world, the likes of christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, Messi and the likes, each time they look at their fame, their professionalism  and the amount of money they make weekly, one question goes through their mind,   how do I become a professional footballer? 
Being a professional footballer is something that takes a lot of patience, hard work and consistency. A lot of people accord it to luck, but a man is lucky when opportunity meets preparation. In this post we are going to be looking at 7 tips that would set you course to become a professional footballer.

1) Start At a young age

It’s no news that the average life expectancy of the world is going down and a lot of trust and expectations is being placed on young people. Football is no exception. Lately, at the age of 17 and 18 a footballer is expected to be at his prime. No longer 24 to 27 as we used to have it. If you are probably thinking of going pro in football, you need to start early to start playing. Some players started at 4, some at 7,a good number at 12 but if you start early it gives you an advantage so you would grow up with the basic skills, touches and movement of the game.

2) Choose a position

On the road to becoming a professional footballer, you have to choose a position which suits you best. Starting off without a coach yet, you would have to choose one that you feel you’re good at and you would do well in. whether it is Goalkeeping, a Defender, a Midfielder or a Striker. Most times coaches field in players at a different position rather than their primary position. But first before joining a club and getting a coach you have to start off from somewhere.

3) Get a Role model

In your desired position of play, get someone who’s already professional that you admire and look up to. Always watch the person on TV and follow his games. Try to learn a few things from him by watching him, His moves, style of play and get to know what works for him. Try to decode his pattern of thought when on and off the ball. For example as a goal keeper I looked up to Jeans Lehman growing up. And one thing I admired about him was that he was a good penalty stopper. I watched him and I emulated his positioning before a penalty is taken and how he takes off when the ball is played. I learnt the way he communicated with his defenders and posts himself when they are off possession. By doing this you get to learn more and usually the best form of learning is the one you do by yourself.

4) Get a coach
What’s more than getting an expert to tutor you in the basics of your trade? Nothing; so on the road to becoming a professional footballer, getting a coach is paramount. Now am not talking about your team coach, those ones have their roles to play, but a personal coach who would put you through different drills and personal tasks in other to get you to the level you want. This might be an unpopular opinion but getting someone who takes you as an individual seriously and pushes you above your limits to become better would aid your development and improvement.

5) Train thoroughly
Personal training is something you can’t put aside if you want to become a professional. At times You would need to stay late hours practicing, training and improving. This requires a lot of sacrifice but what is worth doing is worth doing well. If you are getting a little bit overweight and sloppy, it’s in the training ground that you would burn off those fats. With personal training you also get to improve on your game. You would have to be your own judge and evaluate your performance from your last game, note your successes and your flaws and improve on them. More importantly it’s in the training ground that you practice what you’ve learnt from your role model after watching him. Not on the field of play.

6) Join a local club

While waiting for the big names and big guns to come get you, you need to join a team and play with them. You would have to attend their trainings and know what it feels like to train and play with a team, to be obedient to your captain, to follow your coaches instruction. You would also learn discipline which the game requires, at times you get benched and someone you’re much better than would be fielded instead. You get to gain popularity and recommendations among the locals and before you know it you would get a break.

7) Get an agent

I said earlier that a man is lucky when opportunity meets preparation. You would need to get an agent along the line. As early as possible, cause an agent would help you  negotiate transfers to other clubs. He would recommend you to bigger clubs around and possibly sign off a deal for you. You, might ask is there a need for one? But if you are hoping to go pro, you have to be ready and complete. Get your full kits, get your passports ready even when it seems as if nothing is coming your way. But with consistency and persistence, opportunity would always come around. So get an agent.

Getting to the professional level is the dream of every amateur footballer, a lot have giving up on the dream, and a lot have made it through. But on this road you must put aside every negativity that would deter you from putting in your best. You might have met some setbacks before. But trust me; if you hang around the barber shop long enough, sooner or later you’re going to get a haircut.

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